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As Physiotherapists our passions are to help and heal with empathy and compassion and to do this every day, we need to approach life with a positive mindset. Our Clinic was fortunate enough to join Rachelle from the 30-Day positive mindset challenge (30-Day Positive Mindset Challenge - For ages 10-100+) in discussion about what it means to let your thoughts change your world and the true power of happiness. Here are my biggest take aways from the talk.
  1. Why not be optimistic.
If from the moment you wake up you’re worrying and stressing, everything that your day has to offer will be framed in this capsule of angst so let’s flip that perspective. Wake up and tell yourself you’re going to enjoy today, enjoy the challenge and enjoy the experience. Subconsciously when we really believe in something we can dedicate ourselves to it beyond consciousness so thinking you’re going to have a good day, will increase the chances of that happening.
  1. Happiness breeds happiness
To be cliché, once you stop to smell the roses you’ll see flowers everywhere, see the rainbow instead of the rain and when you fill your life with beautiful things, it gets harder to be down on yourself and the day. Happiness is infectious, and I don’t think there’s a bigger gift than seeing other people smile so start your day with the right mind set and appreciate all the aspects of your life that are just so good.
  1. Kindness and empathy
Considering the current state of things there isn’t a single person who isn’t filled with uncertainty and because of that we need to be more compassionate and understanding than ever. When someone gets you down, cuts you off in traffic, just think about that they might be having a horrible day and need some leniency right now. When you thank people, make a point of expressing how this has helped you and really appreciate those around you. Don’t wait for people to ask for help, offer! Be kind, be grateful, stay strong. Kia Kaha, Kia Maia, Kia Manwanui.
All of our physios are fantastic people, ready to help at the drop of a hat and there is no one better to understand the frustrations of injury than those who work with it every day. Things like pain and physical barriers are things that can make it incredibly difficult to flip your mind-set into positivity and weigh you down.
Thanks again to Rachelle from the 30-Day positive mindset challenge. Join her now for 30 days of ways to change your thinking and foster more happiness in your life.
Written by Anja Hamelmann