Why Choose us?

We provide the perfect mix of professional and friendly. We aim to understand your goals and needs and will tailor your assessment and treatment to achieve the best result for you. We have a group of highly qualified physiotherapists including two Specialist Physiotherapists (Sports and Pelvic health), international level sports physiotherapists, and post graduate trained therapists in concussion, vestibular physiotherapy, workplace care and persistent pain.

In addition to this we have the latest technology available to us to ensure we can provide you with data on your impairments, your health, your progress including the ability to provide live feedback sessions.

We can optimise your performance, boost energy levels, decrease stress, and improve your engagement in life. Be it being able to run around the back yard with your kids again, ride your bike harder and faster, or walk around Mount Maunganui with your grandchildren.

What is physiotherapy? How do I choose what treatment I require?

Physiotherapy utilises an approach focused around diagnosis and impairments leading to your issues and correction of these. Be it pain, stiffness, loss of strength or function we utilise rehabilitation tools in combination with manual techniques to restore, maintain and optimise health and function. Physiotherapists are registered health professionals educated to apply scientific knowledge and clinical reasoning to prevent, treat and rehabilitate individual issues and injuries.

How long does a treatment session last?

Your initial assessment and treatment will last up to 30 minutes. For complex injuries or those with persistent pain an hour initial assessment is recommended.

Can I come to physio if I don't have an "injury"?

Absolutely - Not only are team at Bureta Physiotherapist leading edge clinicians on wellness and performance, but we are highly skilled in a number of other areas including injury prevention assessment and programming along with programming for medical exercise. For all active people from weekend warriors to international athletes injury prevention is far better than cure. Thinking of running a marathon? completing an ironman or just want to build up your daily walking or running for fitness? It is much more effective to prevent injury than deal with it when it occurs missing valuable training time and this is something at Bureta Physiotherapy that we specialize in - "Minimising injury and Maximising performance".

Medical exercise includes developing safe and effective programs for clients rheumatological, cardiovascular, neurological, such as diabetes, arthritis both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis , as well as the older adult.

I am going to run a marathon, should I come and see a physio before I start my training?

Yes, yes, yes .... so often we are seeing people as the "ambulance at the bottom of the cliff" when the injury has occurred 2-3 weeks out from an event but sometimes this is too late, which can be devastating for a client who has trained so hard. We are experts at load progressions, biomechanics and appropriate strengthening. If you are going to be running a high number of km's then we recommend an AxIT strength assessment in combination with a running and biomechanics analysis. We can then determine the flaws in your running and give you the most appropriate exercises as well as live video feedback sessions as appropriate which will help prevent injury and increase performance and most importantly get you to the start line in good shape. See our blog for more tips on running.

I am not a runner but participate in another sport - Can you help me for injury prevention and performance?

We can . From bike fit analysis to golf swing assessments we have the technology to assess all sport technique. Email or call us if you have any questions regarding this.

I keep getting niggly injuries but nothing major, can physio help me stop getting these and if so how?

The underlying cause of these niggly injuries could be something simple, it could be to do with how your body is moving (biomechanics) or basic strength of certain muscles or both. These "niggles" tell us that something isn't quite right and inevitably may lead to something major. By having a consult with one of our team we will be able to determine what the underlying issue is and give you solutions for this.

I have tooth pain and have been to the dentist who says there is nothing wrong with my teeth, can a physio help me get rid of this pain?

If your dentist is happy with your teeth/tooth concerned it is highly likely that you may have a myofascial facial pain issue.

I have had a concussion, I thought I should just see a doctor, can physio help? Yes - recent research shows that the one of the main reasons for headache following concussion is referral from the neck and this is often missed. The Team at Bureta are skilled in concussion work at both the acute and complex level and currently work with Sport bay of Plenty to improve concussion awareness. In addition to this we have a physiotherapist who works primarily in vestibular occular rehab which is a common complication of concussion. Check out or blog on concussion

Do I need a doctors referral for physiotherapy treatment?

No. You can come straight to physiotherapy and fill out ACC forms if necessary.

We can refer directly for x-rays, ultrasounds, cortisones as appropriate and specialist referral to sports medicine doctors or orthopaedic surgeons as necessary.

Does ACC cover all the costs of treatment?

ACC pays a portion of your treatment costs. There is a co-charge for ACC funded treatment. There will be additional costs for items such as tape and acupuncture needles. Please see our 'Fees' section

Can Physiotherapy help back and neck pain and can they manipulate?

Physiotherapists are qualified to treat all back and neck injuries. We have physiotherapists with the appropriate postgraduate qualifications who are qualified to manipulate the neck.

What should I expect on my first treatment? Ideally all paperwork is filled out online in advance of your appointment which will be emailed to you by our reception team. If for some reason this is not possible please ensure you arrive 15 minutes early to fill out the necessary paperwork. During the session you will have an in depth assessment of your issue. At the end of this assessment you should be given a clear working diagnosis, a detailed plan including timeframes for expected milestones, the beginning of a rehab plan and a chance to ensure you have a clear understanding of the above.

After the session we will ask you to fill out a quick feedback questionnaire so we can continue to provide the highest quality service to all our patients.

How does the Mckenzie Method work?

By using mechanical diagnosis and therapy to self empower and give patient generated exercises to treat, and prevent back pain. Read more

What is the 100% Quality Guarantee conditions?

At Bureta Physio + Wellness we strive to provide the highest quality service at all times. If for some reason you don't believe this has been the case please email us so we can ensure that any issues are rectified from our end.

Cancellation and Non Attendance policy

If you're unable to attend the scheduled appointment time for any reason, please contact us on 07 576 1860 and inform our team as soon as possible.

All missed appointments and cancellations made within 24 hrs of a scheduled appointment will result in a cancellation fee of $45

Your physio will outline a recommended action plan as the best plan for your injury. You will achieve the maximum and best outcome when you keep your recommended action plan to this schedule.

We have a long waiting list of patients trying to get appointments and poorly timed cancellations prevent us from offering these appointments to those who are needing our care.