State of the art Physiotherapy practice with AxIT Technology

If you want to know exactly how strong & fast your muscles are, we can tell you!

If you want to get the best results from your strengthening and rehab program, you need to stop guessing and start measuring. To help you become the strongest and injury proof version of you, we use the AxIT system.

This technology was previously only used by elite sports teams, though is now at the Blackburn and Essendon clinics. We use force plates that you can push, pull, jump, hop and stomp on to measure how you move, how strong you are, and how balanced the forces that your muscles generate are.

You can then easily track how you are progressing on your strengthening and exercise journey, in order to achieve your performance goals.

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Accurate Diagnosis & Solutions That Help With Your Injury From The Word Go

Whether you're suffering from lower back pain, neck ache or a twisted ankle, get an accurate diagnosis of what's causing it from our team of experienced physiotherapists.

From your first consultation, we'll help you identify the cause of the pain and establish a treatment plan to help you get back on your feet sooner.

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Be prepared with AxIT

Pre-season can be the most dreaded period for any profession or amateur athlete alike. With some sports seasons now getting longer and longer, people are keen to make the most of their off-season and sometimes "enjoy" themselves too much or really just do nothing in their off-season.

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Approaching Life with Positivity

As Physiotherapists our passions are to help and heal with empathy and compassion and to do this every day, we need to approach life with a positive mindset. Our Clinic was fortunate enough to join Rachelle from the 30-Day positive mindset challenge

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Achilles Tendon and Ruptures

I have seen a few Achilles Tendon (AT) ruptures over the last few months, so I decided to write a blog about this injury. I hope it guides patients that have experienced this type of injury and explains how to reduce the risk of recurrence or reinjury if you have already suffered from an Achilles rupture.

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