Your Injury

Injury is why the majority of people seek physiotherapy. However at Bureta Physiotherapy we do more than leading edge injury solutions. Enhancing your quality of life starts with the absence of illness and pain. Your obstacle to being active or living your life the way you want is our challenge. We want you to live life, and experience it to it's full potential, not just exist. 
  • Accurate diagnosis and solutions
  • Achieving your goal with a detailed management plan
  • Hands on treatment approach by post graduate trained physiotherapists
  • Active self-management solutions with exercise and rehabilitation
  • Use of latest technology to aid in diagnosis, treatment & education
  • Focusing on the bigger picture and the psychological aspects of being fit (free from injury), healthy and well

Our Challenge

We love what we do and we are proud to say we are good at it. Utilising our renowned clinical excellence, and our relationships to the best medical professionals in the Bay of Plenty our goal is to plan the steps involved in not only removing your obstacles to your quality of life, but to optimise your health for your future.
  • Physiotherapist with clinical excellence and leading edge solutions to your injury - Our clinical staff are involved in local sport to international teams. Currently our clinical team @ Bureta Physiotherapists provide injury solutions to NZ Rugby, NZ Cricket, High Performance Sport NZ athletes
  • We love what we do and we are good at it therefore when you see us, your can be assured that is our challenge to get you better
  • We have the best referral partners in the bay from sports physicians, to surgeons so if you have a issue that our physiotherapist cannot completely resolve you know you will be seen by the best.
  • Empowering you with strategies, education and a plan to get what you want out of life 

Your Future

Not every physiotherapy practice focuses on their client’s future wellness, however we want you to be better than before…. Boosting your activity, maximising performance, minimising the risk of injury, and changing  beliefs that hold us back from engaging in a better life to maximise your future. From the day you enter our clinic we will focus on your goals at heart but we also want to take you further, 
  • Focusing on the goal of a better life
  • Optimising you health - Increasing activity levels, better performance, and engaging in a rewarding life
  • Mind and body connection to optimise your health
  • Challenging you to be better than before 
  • Goal setting for a more positive and rewarding future