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What is resistance training?
Resistance training is another name for exercising your muscles using an opposing force. This could be anything from your own body weight to stretchy bands or weights.
Myths surrounding resistance training
I'm too old for strength training
Resistance training can be beneficial at all ages and can be adapted for all different levels. It can be focused on maintaining current function or improvement to allow you to be the best you can at your chosen activity
I will have to go to the gym
Resistance training can be done any where, anytime! Your physiotherapist can guide you in a gym program, home program or suggest you join one of our classes we run in the clinic.
Weightlifting is bad for your joints
Lifting weights using the correct technique allows muscles surrounding your joints to become stronger. It has been shown that this in turn has a protective effect on your joints. This is the reason resistance training is so beneficial for people with arthritis or other injuries related to their joints.
How can resistance training benefit me?
Increase muscle strength
Protect joints
Improve function
Injury rehabilitation and prevention
Increase independence
Pre and post surgery
How can we help?
Here at Bureta we tailor our programs to each individual's specific needs and goals. Whether your injured or just want to improve in your chosen sport or hobby we can help. Your physiotherapist will take a global approach when prescribing you a program and work with you to achieve these goals. At the clinic we run fitness classes taken by a physiotherapist which allow you to ensure the right technique is always being used. We also provide biomechanical assessments and gait scanning which guide us in making an individualised program.