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The orange light: Many of us use the fuel light to guide us as to when we need to fill up our tanks. We tend to wait until the orange light comes on before we replenish our tanks. This can put extra stress on ourselves as we may not be near a petrol station or we may be pushed for time and getting petrol right now can put extra pressure on our already tight schedule.We can use this analogy in our own life situations. We tend to wait until our tanks are empty or on the orange light before we do something about it. Donít wait until you are exhausted and burnt out before you refill your tank. Every day make small self-care decisions, as this can make a big difference to how we feel and will help to refill our tanks. Boundaries: When we relate boundaries to driving, I liken it to someone who is driving close behind you. Do you speed up so you donít slow them down? Or do you speed up to give them more room? How we react to these situations can have a cross over into our lives and the boundaries we set. Do you find yourself accommodating other peopleís priorities over your own or stepping back when someone comes into your personal space to create more room for them? Do you feel you have to try to make everyone happy, eventhat little red car behind you on the road? But think what you are sacrificing to do this. Maybe your boundaries could do with some strengthening as you learn to prioritise your own needs and still consider those around you. Fuel: Now days there are different types of fuel that we can put into our cars. Choosinggood fuel, while more expensive, can help our cars run more efficiently and be easier on the engine.This is the same with our bodies, as we have many options as to what we fuel ourselves with. Eating a healthy diet of whole and real foods will be good for our energy levels, concentration and long term health. This is not just with food itís also with life, what we choose to do in our free time, if we fuel ourselves with fresh air and exercise Has a injury been bothering you for a while? Do you have muscle tightness? Do you need help at graduating to a healthy level of activity? Have you tired mindfulness? Do you think you have a breathing disorder? If you need a hand at improving your overall health and wellness please call us on 07 576 1860 and our team will be more than happy to help. If you mention this blog you will receive a 60minute massage for the price of 30minutes to start you on your health and wellness self-care journey. Written By Laura Neureuter (BPhty Physiotherpist)