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Many running events are coming up this year, including ironman, marathons and the 'City 2 Surf' and a lot more people are out there training hard. Bureta Physio can help in your preparation for these races and jogging in general and it's not too late to get any aches and pains looked at. When you are running for long periods through training, your calves, hamstrings, gluteals, knees, hips and lower back can become extremely stressed due to fatigue without sufficient recovery time. It is important to stretch but also to have your muscles massaged regularly to avoid muscle tissue breakdown and increasing stiffness. Massage also enhances circulation and reduces pooling of lactic acid, as well as increasing flexibility. Massage therapy will help your muscles recover in a much shorter period of time and prevent your training sessions being limited by discomfort and poor performance. If you are a competitor this year in any running event or simply jogging outside or on the treadmill in the gym, and are having overuse problems like pain in your shins, hips and knees we advise you to see the Physiotherapist straight away to assess your biomechanics and any potential injuries.