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DO YOU HAVE PAIN AT THE FRONT OF YOUR KNEE? Pain at the front of the knee and under the kneecap is a frequent complaint we see at Bureta Physiotherapy this discomfort can be due to a number of conditions but the most common cause is Patello-femoral pain. Do you have an ache at the front of the knee? Is it aggravated by running, especially downhill, stairs or sitting for long periods - like at the movies? Do you try and sit in an aisle seat at the movies or on a bus or train to make your knee more comfortable? Did it just come on gradually or was it hurt in an injury? Commonly these complaints "creep up on us" gradually and as a result we think they will go away by themselves but this is rarely the case. With a detailed assessment your physiotherapist can most likely diagnose the pain generator in you knee and devise an action plan. Without appropriate assessment, treatment and rehab conditions can be long lasting and it is shown in research that 1 out of every 4 females that suffer from adolescent knee pain will still suffer 20 years down the track! Our aim is to do whatever we can to avoid this happening to YOU.These injuries require a full physiotherapy assessment and along with treatment require a rehabilitation programme of stretching and strengthening to correct the causes of these injuries and the pain can be resolved completely. Some people believe or have been told they have arthritis in their knee causing their front of the knee pain, but patella-femoral pain is very treatable and with the right combination of rehabilitation exercises, stretching and biomechanics correction the sufferer will be back to sport in next to no time. Come and talk to one of our physio's in regards to your knee  pain and get the correct diagnosis and course of action, we can advise you on rehabilitation or if need be a specialist appointment for conditions that can't be resolved with conservative management.