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The Trigger Point Kit available at Bureta Physio is an amazing additional piece of equipment that all athletes would benefit hugely from. Whether you are a "weekend warrior" or a top level athlete those that train repetitively build up focal areas of tension and tightness that when addressed regularly are much less likely to become a significant issue that results in time off training or your chosen sport. TriggerPoint products use Myofascial Compression Techniques. This is a method of soft-tissue release designed to compress areas of targeted muscles. This technique along with basic functional movements will re-establish normal range of motion. The products are used by athletes and sporting teams around the world including the All Blacks and the Men's and Women's NZ 7s teams. The aim of using trigger point kits is to target and break up adhesions and trigger points while restoring elasticity to the targeted muscle. Myofascial compression technique is based on a number of components:
  • It's not how hard you push but how deep you breathe that helps with the effectiveness of this technique
  • Unlike products such as Deep tissue rollers you must keep the muscle group relaxed while you are performing the technique
  • After working on a specific area you are best to get up and walk around in order to circulate blood flow to the area that was just worked on.
  • For best results perform these techniques prior to and post training as well as within an hour and a half before going to bed.
  To check out how to use this great piece of equipment check out our utube link below: