I have had many reasons to visit Bureta Physio over the past 10 years. Everything from Stress related issues, injuries and necessary lifestyle changes. I have found the genuine support of the team invaluable! Due to urgency, I have seen different physios and not had any compromise in quality. I believe they are a one-stop-shop for all physical issues! I find the Front Desk staff are very helpful too. Thank You for being such an awesome team!
Katie Jones Tauranga
Being an athlete means you are going to have many issues, some more then others, but the one thing that is really important is that you keep on top of injuries and/or prevent them from happening in the first place. Unfortunately it took me 3 years of racing professionally to find out about Bureta physio. Three years of imbalances, unnecessary pain and surgeries. After seeing the team at Bureta for the first time it was like I had finally found the light at the end of the tunnel. Without doubt I can say Bureta Physio are THE BEST at what they do in the Country. I went to them for one specific problem, and Jacinta and Kate ended up fixing so much more then what I came for. I even came to some fitness classes where people three times my age were making me look weak! Thanks Bureta for all of your time and skills, I am a better bike rider because of you
Courteney Lowe
courtney test
9 years ago I started at Bureta Physiotherapy after having constant problems with one of my knees.  Previously I had been treated to relieve the symptoms without anyone investigating the cause.  It had even been suggested that I gave up walking and took up       swimming even though I loved tramping. Finally, the cause of my knee problem was investigated at Bureta and the treatment was then so simple.  Nine years later I am completely free of any knee pain. 

Four years ago I started to have lower back issues. During treatment it was suggested I needed to strengthen my core to help my back. I enrolled in the Back & Abs class and now look forward to a challenging circuit class every Tuesday and Thursday morning. These classes are taken by a physiotherapist who becomes a Personal Trainer for this hour, taking a small group through a wide range of body strengthening and cardio exercises, including boxing. The classes are varied but also tailored to the exercise requirements of the group.  The lower back problems have disappeared and I am stronger and fitter and slimmer than I have been for years encouraging me to find new challenges.  Last year I started running and ran the City to Surf 12km run with two of my children, something I could not have considered previously.

Now, a regular massage is the other visit I make to the clinic.  I thoroughly recommend this treatment and these classes to anyone wanting to improve their fitness, strength and general well-being. I feel great and I could never have done it without Bureta Physiotherapy. 
Helen Webster Tauranga
andrew newton
My Partnership with Bureta Physiotherapy for the past three years has been a real privilege to be involved in, as you walk in the door you’re stepping into a welcoming supportive environment in which you know you'll be respected and your expectations exceeded.

In partnership with my physiotherapist Kate Niederer we have devised a professional plan personalized to my individual goals and needs. The focus been to:
  • Turn weaknesses into strengths, and strengths into weapons.
  • To maintain a body physique through exercises and maintenance that suits my style of paddling and racing.
With this partnership I’ve been able to train and race injury free, and improve my training outomces and ultimately my racing performance. 
Andrew Newton
Dual National representative in Surf Lifesaving and Prone paddle boarding.
3 x NZ National Open mens Board Race Champion
International Board race champion 2011
2nd 6km Technical Board Race at ISA World Paddleboard and SUP paddle board championships.
Occasionally in general dental practice, patients present with pain, either acute or chronic , that they presume to be of dental origin.  If no obvious reasons for the pain are detected, either through visual examination, special tests and x-rays, then it is important to rule out non-dental oro-facial pain as the origin of the patient’s complaint.

I have found the team at Bureta Physiotherapy  to be excellent at diagnosing and treating this often challenging condition.  A numerous number of my patients can attest to the quality diagnosis and treatment that they have received at Bureta Physiotherapy, which has resulted in alleviation of their symptoms.

Bureta Physiotherapy has become my ‘first stop’ if I suspect my patient is suffering from non-dental oro-facial pain.
Roger Burley BDS (Otago)
Bureta Physio have really supported me during my early years of triathlon. Coming from a swimming background I find a new issue most weeks, due to running being so much harder on the body! They have treated me for various injuries, or just the weekly niggle and have helped me to find solutions, preventions and a plan to build a stronger and more robust body. Everyone at Bureta Physio is so friendly and helpful, but it’s the cheerful atmosphere and vibe that you get from just being there, is what I love most. The staff and patients are so energetic and passionate about sport and life that it creates such a motivating environment to be in, especially when the going is tough and your are dealing with setback injuries. Not only are they fantastic at looking outside the box to fix whatever problem you may have but they really go that extra mile to make sure you get the best treatment and prevention possible. Thank you Jax and Kate and the team at Bureta Physio (including my awesome sister Rachel) for helping athletes like me get past injuries and become stronger and faster for it! We couldn’t do it without you!
Anneke Jenkins
courteny lowe
Bureta Physio has been providing seated back massages twice a week to Tauranga City Council for 3 years. More recently they have moved to a massage table, meaning staff can now benefit from leg massage.  This service is fully booked up every week.
Late last year Bureta Physio introduced  “Injury Management Clinic” to TCC.  This is a 15 or 30 min appointment with a Physio, which is held on site at TCC.  The benefits are staff do not need to leave work to attend appointments and they can be seen early on with the injury, so a faster recovery for staff.
Over the past six months Bureta have also undertaken Manual Handling training for our libraries and water treatment plants and we are currently in the process of starting up mini (15 min) presentations for staff on a variety of topics.
Having Bureta Physio onsite has been a benefit to both staff and TCC, the morale of staff has improved with the services they offer, less downtime for both staff and TCC and quicker recovery period for staff. The staff at Bureta Physio are all friendly and great to deal with. 
Ange Williamson (Health & Safety Advisor)
Tauranga City Council
As a young athlete I was exceptionally tall for my age and this meant my body struggled to keep up with my growth rate leading to many injuries. As a 13 year old I was competing at a regional level in Swimming, Basketball, Volleyball and Netball. After battling for a couple a years to stay injury free it was recommended that I went to Bureta Physio for a biomechanical analysis to see if anything could be done to prevent these injuries from happening before they had occurred. After seeing the team at Bureta Physio I soon realised that a lot could be done to improve by overall strength which would eventually reduce my risk of injuries related to the biomechanics of my body.  As I was still too young to start working on strength at a gym Jacinta, Kate and Donna all worked to set me a programme that could be completed at home and in the clinic without the use of weights. Within months I was seeing huge improvements; I was not only stronger but also had better body awareness. These factors meant that I was having fewer injuries and performing better on the sports field. Over my college years I have pursued my chosen sports – Basketball and Volleyball – and have been lucky enough to represent New Zealand in both codes. To this day I continue to work on my strength as Blair has been working with me at Snap Fitness. Because of the staff at Bureta Physio conditioning has become a significant aspect of my training programme. Without the support of the team at Bureta Physio I doubt that I would have been able to go on to represent New Zealand or be planning on chasing my dreams in Basketball over in the United States. Thank you for all that you have done for me
Kelcy Ballantyne
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