Biomechanical Running Assessment

Our Running Analysis service offered by our elite sports physiotherapists provides a comprehensive evaluation of your running technique to help avoid injury and improve performance. 

Using leading edge technology (this is not a video - That's old school - we provide you with real time live feedback using smartphone and tablet apps) to slow your running pattern down along with years of experience, and working with elite sports people, we will identify possible causes of running injuries and areas for potential improvements in speed and efficiency. Your running is then either emailed to you or loaded securely onto you tube with a secure unique viewing key for you to view again, and again if you wish. 

Following a thorough video analysis of your running form, we provide you with specific exercises and a detailed plan to correct identified your running flaws and imbalances.
running analysis

Running analysis:

  • To determine whether your running technique could be contributing to your injury or to future injuries.
  • To determine if there is a more effective, efficient running style that would not only place less stress on joints and soft tissues but also improve your performance
  • Combined with a muscle balance assessment to determine areas that need increased stability, muscles that need strengthening or increased endurance and areas that need increased flexibility
  • Treadmill or outdoors – depending on your normal training regime
  • Includes 1 hour appointment for assessment and screening. Your Physiotherapist will then assess the data and develop a program. 1/2 hour follow up to go through your screening and program and teach you, your specific exercises
  • Includes running video analysis, muscle balance assessment, gait/foot assessment as appropriate -> analysis of all results and individualised programme designed from this.
  • Advice as appropriate on footwear, training programme, sleep, breathing, hydration and other aspects of overall health that can impact on running performance.
  • Price $180 all inclusive - Includes 1 hour session and 1/2 hour follow up with your sports Physiotherapist


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