Bureta Physio Bike Fitting

Physio lead bike fit

We know there are many choices when it comes to getting a bike fit done so why pick Bureta Physio. First of all we love biking with our team regularly riding in the great rides and also the main races.

We can fit your bike with a physio led assessment - that means we can talk to you about your issues on the bike and not only set the bike up but also give you advice on how to reduce pain and fatigue and get more power. Our knowledge on injuries, performance and body biomechanics puts us above the rest. There are 2 types of assessment - with both you will always get the same Bureta Physiotherapy quality service that you trust and love.

The packages give an in depth look at both the bike and rider to ensure an optimal relationship between you and your wheels. Any questions please email Matt here? we would love to hear from you.


Gold Service

45-60 minutes Cost - $150

Service involves:

  • Discussion around issues being experienced with current bike set up - whether that is pain, discomfort, or power loss.
  • Goals to be achieved from a bike fit
  • Musculoskeletal assessment specific to cycling
  • Assessment and analysis of current bike set up
  • Adjustments to current bike set up to help optimise riding position
  • General exercises - stretch and strengthening to re-enforce good pedalling technique.

Platinum Service

75-90 minutes Cost - $200

Service includes:

  • All the above plus
  • In-depth musculoskeletal assessment specific to cycling with a movement competency and AXIT screen specific to cycling
  • Individualised exercises - strengthening and stretching to address any deficits found during the assessment
  • A review of your exercises and set up in 1 months time