Performance Assessment

Weekend warriors and professional athletes all want to get the best out of themselves and their equipment.

Our performance service incorporates the selection of individualised sport-specific assessments designed proactively to build capacity and body resilience rather than "picking up the pieces" from injury. We are well aware we can't prevent injuries. Still, by building capacity and resilience, we can minimise your injury risks and enhance your performance at the same time. This is because these two aspects are integrally linked.

In research, we see that athletes with the least injuries that can complete training without limitation have the greatest chance of achieving performance goals.

Whether you are an elite athlete or simply an everyday active person looking to take up a new challenge - start running, ride around Taupo, complete a marathon it is a great idea to get your body and your equipment checked out first. Think of it as a warrant of fitness. We do it for our cars; why do we leave our bodies until they are injured or broken before doing something about it.