Axit Testing

What is an AxIT test?

The AxIT Machine is state of the art technology that helps us measure every muscle and movement in the human body. Test strength, speed of movements, isolated and functional strength and plyometric testing of the upper and lower limb:

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Isolated muscle testing such as calf strength, glut strength and rotator cuff strength
  • Jump and hop testing - speed, power and reactive strength measures.
  • Plus many more

We are the first in New Zealand to purchase this technology and have already been achieving & seeing some amazing results.

Minimise your injury risk

Planning a new event, taking up a new sport or just finished up a season for the year and keen to ensure you are in good shape for next year? Test your strength and power that relates to your sport and achieving your goals.

Have you regained enough strength and power to progress your return to play?

The body is clever and often finds ways to "cheat" in order to offload areas of weakness. Utilising the latest technology we are able to determine if you have appropriate strength compared to your uninjured limb, as well as appropriate strength compared to the "uninjured" population, depending on your sport and activity level.

Find out if your rehab really is working

Commonly after injury or surgery, you spend a large amount of time completing rehab exercises with the aim to assist your body's healing and allow you to return to whatever aspects of sport, exercise and life are important to you. Using the latest technology we can tell you if this is the case or not.

Want to know exactly what you need to achieve your big health and fitness goals?

An AxIT assessment accurately measures your strengths and weaknesses to set you on the path to success.

Get the full picture on how to move and perform better with an AxIT assessment by contacting us on 07 576 1860.