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Concussion is a brain injury and must be treated with respect!

Concussion most commonly occurs in sport (at any level and age) but can also occur in the workplace or at home. It is essential that this condition is well managed so those dealing with a concussion can successfully return to "normal life" without long term consequences.

Those with concussion should be monitored by a health professional that is experienced in dealing with this injury throughout their return to sport/life. Bureta Physiotherapy will work with your doctor to take you through the necessary steps so you can be medically cleared for a return to sport or work.

If you have had a concussion contact us for appropriate testing and to be given the gold standard steps to ensure you are healthy to return to sport, school or work.

It's crucial to address these injuries promptly, and that's where physiotherapy comes in! Here's why you should never overlook a concussion and how a physiotherapist can help you recover faster. 💪

⚠️ Concussion concerns: Sports and accidents in every day life can lead to head injuries with symptoms like headaches, dizziness, memory issues, and more.

🔑 Immediate attention matters: Prompt treatment is crucial because it allows for accurate diagnosis, personalized treatment plans, and helps prevent long-term effects.

🤝 How physiotherapists help: They assess and treat concussions. They'll diagnose your injury, educate you about its nature, guide you through rehabilitation exercises, and monitor your progress.

💡 Prioritize your health! If you or someone you know experiences a concussion, don't delay seeking help from a physiotherapist. They have the expertise to guide you back to full health.

📲 Spread the word about the importance of immediate attention for concussion injuries and don't delay in booking with us if you have a suspected concussion!