Female Athlete's

Jacinta is one of the two physiotherapists in New Zealand who is part of WHISPA - Healthy Women in Sport - A Performance Advantage since its inception in 2018. This is a High-performance sport NZ initiative that is based on a working group of highly experienced sports medicine professionals and external professionals such as endocrinologists and scientists. This group was designed to ensure we are providing leading-edge care to our female athletes ensuring they are able to perform on the World Stage. This is an exciting space to be working in NZ with the growth in professional women's sport in our country and the focus on growth in overall participation numbers with Sport New Zealand's focus on the female athlete in the coming years.

Females are not small men! Our varied physiology requires different needs with regards to nutritional support, recovery as well as injury prevention and therefore sports performance.

Doing the small things well has a huge impact on your ability to train consistently and we know that those that train >70% of their planned training load over the year are 7x more likely to achieve their performance goal.

Research has shown us time and time again that teams that suffer the least injuries win the most We also know that 40% of injuries are subsequent to another injury so minimising the risk of your initial injury is key.

This can be achieved by completing things as simple as an appropriately warmup prior to training and competing. This needs to be sports specific and this must be completed with quality technique but if completed correctly can result in a reduction in all injuries up to 30% and major injuries such as ACL ruptures of greater than 50%.

Learn about your body, how your menstrual cycle can affect performance and what you can do about it, how to implement your own individualised injury reduction and performance maximising programme and be linked with other great sports medicine providers working in this space to ensure all affected areas are addressed.

Whether you are an elite level athlete, a teenager playing regular sport or a masters athlete participating or competing in your sport there are benefits for all. Keen for your athletes to understand these impacts and how they can perform at their best.

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