Physiotherapy uses proven techniques to help restore movement, strength and function to anyone affected by an injury, disability or a health condition.

A physiotherapist will use their in-depth knowledge of how the body works, combined with hands-on clinical skills, to assess, diagnose and treat your symptoms. We can even help you prevent many injuries and health conditions.

While well known for treating injuries, physios also have the skills to treat and prevent a range of health problems involving;

  • Joints, bones and soft tissue
  • Heart
  • Chest and lungs

All physiotherapists are health professionals with a university degree in physiotherapy (at a minimum).

Physios who work in New Zealand need to be registered with the Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand; the Board makes sure that they are qualified, competent and that their skills are updated frequently.

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High Performance Sports Physiotherapy

Over the past 18 years at Bureta Physiotherapy we have had physiotherapists working as regional high-performance physiotherapists for assessment, treatment, and rehab NZ Elite and development athletes

We have a large amount of experience with a wide range of international sports. The key to a sports Physiotherapist is the ability to apply knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics to sporting demands. We have links and a close working relationship with local sports medicine doctors and specialists which ensures you will get further assessment as required, in a timely manner which can be essential in returning you to your activities.

We have extensive experience in return to play programme designs in order to ensure the earliest return to performance in a safe manner

The Directors of Bureta Physiotherapy are involved in research, teaching, education and national governance of physiotherapy.

We present regularly with Sport BOP as well as at national conferences but can equally come and educate your sports group whether that is pitched at athlete level, or to coaches, teachers, schools, parents or any other particular group.

Having now spent over ten years working at the highest level of sport both in NZ and overseas we are well aware of the importance of prompt accurate diagnosis, appropriate referrals, evidence based treatment based on up to date international research and great communication with "your team" whoever that may entail from parents to managers to coaches and beyond.


At Bureta Physio we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of education in order to assist our clients to understand their injury, prevent future injury, improve diet and hydration and understand the body and the way it should move. Every one of of our patients will empowered with the appropriate advice and plan to resolve their issue

What is "Mobilisation"

Mobilisation is the term used by therapists for menaul techniques usually applied to joints. Physiotherapists at Bureta use mobilisation of a joint frequently because it trends to be a very safe technique and carry less chance of side effects. Mobilisation can be used on the the spine and peripheral joints

What is "Manipulation"

Postgraduate trained therapists will use manipulation on the neck, upper and lower back as a progression of force from mobilisation in order to reduce pain and increase range of motion in painful joints. You will be informed prior to this progression of technique.

Rehab and Prehab Programmes

Commonly people receive treatment for an injury but often don't get prescribed or follow through with effective exercises targeted at returning the injury area to 100%. These programmes are developed specifically to target your strength, stability and improve your flexibility in certain areas to resolve an injury completely or to prevent an injury from recurring.


There are two main types of needling we perform at Bureta Physiotherapy. Traditional acupuncture is based on the western acupuncture approach, this requires a number of small needles, usually between 3 and 8 to be inserted in specific points around your body. This can be used to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation.

Dry Needling

The other form of needling is called "dry needling", it's used with 1 needle and involves moving the needle up and down in a tight muscle looking for a twitch response. It takes a much shorter period of time and can be uncomfortable for a period. Heat and stretching is used to reduce the pain after treatment. At Bureta Physiotherapy all our physiotherapists specialise in dry needling and the use of it for a wide variety of conditions particularly in overuse sports injuries and chronic myofascial pain including facial pain, headaches and low back pain.


There are a number of different types of strapping and these are used on both muscles and joints to offload, improve posture and prevent injury. You can also be taught to self-strap and utilise Bureta Physio YouTube videos on Bureta Physio Channels in order to remind you of the individual steps.

Muscle Balance Assessment

For those people with a history of recurring injuries, a number of injuries on the same limb, people hoping to train and enter events such as a Marathons or Iron Men and for children and teenagers who perform high level sport, a muscle balance assessment is vital. During this hour session your joints and muscles will be assessed to determine the issues.

Postural Analysis

Do you always get pain and injuries on the same side? We use our Postural Analysis assessment to determine if you have a difference in your leg length or pelvic size and if so what issues this is creating. Many people are told they have leg length differences when really it is just a rotated pelvis. This examination allows us to determine if there is an actual difference and a method to correct it.

Deep Tissue Massage

Massage may be part of your normal physio treatment but there will be times when you require more specific massage treatment when this is the case you will be referred to the on-site Deep Tissue Therapist who has a Diploma in Advanced Therapeutic Massage. She will target specific areas to reduce pain, tension, tightness, and promote relaxation. Read more

Gait Scan Analysis

Our Gait scan machine compliments our foot assessment in order to determine whether people have issues with the way their feet function when standing and walking. These issues commonly cause many types of pain and injury, with this information we can order custom made orthotics specifically for your feet. As you can see we get a lot of information from the thousands of receptors in the pressure plate that we cannot see with the naked eye. These orthotics have a 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with them.

Running Assessment

This is our video assessment of the way you run. It is most effective when part of the muscle balance assessment. Whether on a treadmill or outside this assessment allows us to identify faulty techniques which result in new injuries and reduced performance. We are able to address these issues through rehab programmes, strength classes and running drills.

Worksite Assessments

Bureta Physio provides worksite assessments to a number of Companies throughout Tauranga. Consider the amount of time you spend sitting at desks in the 21st Century it is essential that desks and work station set ups are as ideal as possible to avoid injury and overload.

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