Pregnancy - Pre & Post Natal

Are you pregnant, planning on getting pregnant or have just had your baby?

Pregnancy places a huge load on the human body and whilst this is a natural process it is common for issues to arise because of the pregnancy itself or the trauma of childbirth.

With a newborn baby and the changes in life that occur at this stage, it is often Mums wellness that is put down at the bottom of the list of importance. Whilst it can be a challenging time especially logistically it is essential for the physical and mental health of our new Mums that they are looked after at this.

It is often thought that symptoms suffered by new mothers are "normal" but urinary leakage, separated abdominals and low back pain are things that can be treated and need not affect your ability to live a healthy active life.

Unfortunately, when not addressed the load of pregnancy and childbirth can result in complications to the mother over her lifetime and include but are not limited to:

  • Urinary and faecal incontinence
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Chronic lumbar spine and pelvic pain

The great news is that you can have a huge impact on reducing your risk of these conditions by undergoing a pelvic health assessment and rehabilitation programme designed for you. Unfortunately, in NZ at this stage there is little postnatal care for pelvic health although in the future we hope this will change.

Ideally this service is for everyone but if you have any of the complications below it is even more important you get yourself checked out:

  • Urinary incontinence
  • Bowel problems (incontinence or constipation)
  • Pain with intercourse
  • Bulging or pressure in the vagina or rectum
  • Pain - particularly in the back or pelvis
  • Prolonged tummy muscle separation (tummy muscles dome or bulge during activity)
  • Incision issues ie post C section, episiotomy, tearing

Pre baby WOF:

  • Find out what exercise is safe for you and your unborn child
  • Get an individualized exercise programme to target your goals during pregnancy
  • Get started on preventing pelvic floor issues post pregnancy with a basic rehabilitation programme
  • Put yourself in the best position to allow your body to heal and regain it's function as soon as - possible post childbirth

Post Natal WOF:

  • Assess as appropriate pain, breathing, posture and strength
  • Undergo a pelvic health assessment and have a rehabilitation programme designed specifically for you to prevent long term complications
  • Have a rehabilitation programme designed for you to ensure you regain strength and fitness post childbirth in a safe manner
  • Return to run programming if you are a runner hoping to get back out on the road in the near future this is an essential service for you

How much does it cost?

First Visit:

$180 1 hour Private consultation

$130 90 Minute ACC consultation (Complex)

$75 1 hour ACC consultation

Follow-Up Visits:

$120 per Private consultation

$75 per 1 hour ACC consultation

$50 per 30 ACC consultation

Plus any charges for materials. (See our fees page)

Ideally this assessment is completed around 6 weeks post childbirth and prior to returning to any intense or impact exercise.

These are a one off, one hour appointment with our "pelvic health physiotherapist". If you have significant issues and require follow-up care these will be standard half hour physiotherapy appointments.

To book a Pelvic floor assessment please call 07 576 1860 or email