Workcare - Corporate Wellness

Most people know that it is important to keep their physical body healthy and well but few think about keeping their minds and emotions healthy as well. To achieve an overall balance, we all need to strive for both physical, emotional, social, spiritual and mental wellness.

Health and wellness experts have proclaimed that companies need to focus on improving employee health to see a real impact on the bottom line.

And now it appears that chief financial officers are slowly recognising the link between employee health and workforce productivity. Recently released results of a survey show that a full 69 percent either "agreed" or "strongly agreed" that "promoting healthy behaviors" is a company priority.

Further, 62 percent of senior finance executives surveyed felt that improving health of employees to boost workforce productivity was "moderately important." Another 30 percent said that it was "very important." Read more

Latest research shows - living a healthy lifestyle had a 78% reduction in chronic disease ie cancer and even more reduction in diabetes type 2

Being unemployed is equivalent to smoking 10 packs of cigarettes per day - a higher mortality risk rate than any other occupation -> importance of keeping people at work

How Bureta Physiotherapy + Wellness can help your company

We run a number of workshops and seminars on a variety of topics listed below. These are in two main groups - one a longer workshop (30-60 minute) including time for questions and discussion and shorter sessions of useful information that would take approx 15 mins which may suit some companies better. All talks can be adjusted to the type of workplace, employees, length of time and tailored towards topics that you believe will be most beneficial to you and your employees.


  • injury prevention and management
  • injury recoveryrelaxation
  • movement and postures
  • overall health

Mini sessions:

  • lifestyle and fitness
  • nutrition
  • posture, mechanics and lifting
  • sleep
  • managing stress in the work place