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Physical preparation:

Why is this important?

  • Training for more than 80% of your scheduled training time increases the ability for you to reach your performance goals.
  • Physical preparation provides an opportunity to bulletproof athletes through key work-on’s and the ability to identify areas that will help to reduce injury risk.

What is physical preparation?

  • Physical preparation is preparing you through training prior to competition by incorporating generic and individualised programming into your routine such as warm up or pre gym activation that influences injury risk and the burden to the athlete due to injury.


Why is it important?

  • Good recovery ensures athletes are physically, physiologically and psychologically prepared for all training sessions and competitions.

What is recovery?

Recovery incorporates many different components including;

SLEEP – Studies have shown athletes are likely to have reduced or poor quality sleep due to training schedules. Both sleep quality and quantity impact upon performance. For tips on sleep hygiene have a read of our sleep hygiene blog here.

NUTRITION – Eating the right food at the right time consistently.

Recovery is AWESOME!

Active recovery: After games and trainings, do a low intensity warm down e.g. low intensity swim for 15mins.

Water/fluids: Remember to hydrate.

Eat: The right food at the right time. Refer to a nutrition plan from a performance nutritionist.

Skins/compression: Post competition, you can wear for up to 15 hours following.

Overnight/sleep: Sleep as much as you can! Extending sleep has been shown to positively impact performance. See our blog on sleep hygiene for a better night sleep.

Massage + option of ice baths post competition: Ice baths should be 2 x 5mins with 2 min break in between.

Exercise: Training block within competition season including our physical preparation!

There are many ways simple exercises can be incorporated into your current training program to reduce the risk factors associated with each individuals chosen sport. 

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