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Pilates is a low-impact form of exercise created by German-born Joseph Pilates when he moved to the USA in the 1920’s.
It is designed to strengthen and develop endurance and flexibility in the body and improve posture and alignment


  • A general class will have focus in areas of core muscles, breathing, alignment and posture and flexibility/stretching. At times, mobility and releases will be included also.
  • Exercises are typically done on a mat, if not, a machine called a reformer, ours at Bureta Physio are all mat-based.
  • While you may feel like the class is slower paced and you leave feeling calm and relaxed, new participants usually experience a worked, burning sensation during the exercises, then muscle soreness following as often new muscles are utilised.
  • A range of equipment can be used within the class such as bands, balls, rings, light weights. All of this will be provided, as well as a mat to work on, unless you prefer to use your own.
  • There is a large focus on breathing and pairing your movement with your breath - it can feel strange and challenging to begin but becomes easier with practice.
  • Slow-paced is the name of the game - slow = controlled which builds endurance/tolerance in the body, so movements should be slowed down and performed with intention and focus to be most beneficial.
  • In terms of dress, you are best to wear form fitting clothing that you comfortably move in, hair tied up, and socks. You don't need footwear.
  • No matter where you sit in terms of your experience with Pilates, there are always ways to progress or regress depending on what is needed to challenge you - your instructor will modify exercises and give you options to try based at your level.
If you wish to try out our Pilates classes call 07 576 1860 or Book Online here. 

We look forward to having you with us!